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Hello, I'm a new Ram owner with a 2015 2500 6.7l CTD.

I bought the truck specifically to tow a 5th wheel camper around the rocky mountains, but my family members have several gooseneck trailers, so I need both hitches. Here's my issue:

I need to install the under bed hardware for BOTH the fifth wheel AND gooseneck towing. These prep kits are sold on separately, but I can not seem to find one package that includes everything I’m looking for. Currently I can only find the two separate packages, one for fifth wheel and one for goose neck. The problem is that these packages are redundant. If I order both, I spend money on parts I don’t need.

Specifically these parts are duplicated when ordering the two kits separately:

1. 1 ea. 123215 Chain tie down LH, this part is included in the fifth wheel package (FWP)
2. 1 ea. 123214 Chain tie down RH, this part is included in the FWP albeit a different part number of 123216 .
3. 4 ea. 124370 Plate, chain tie down mtg bracket
4. 4 ea. 124372 Bolt, M12-1.5x120mm
5. 4 ea. 124373 Bolt M12-1.5x20mm
6. 2 ea. 124031 Trim ring
7. 2 ea. 124033 Trim cover
It seems like I would be wasting a lot of money to purchase these kits separately.

What I need is the fifth wheel prep kit P/N: 82213980AB

With the following part numbers from the gooseneck prep kit:
1. 1 ea. 123212 Gooseneck receiver
2. 2 ea. 124371 Gooseneck mounting strap
3. 4 ea. 123585 Flange Nut M16-1.5
4. 1 ea. Trim Ring – Gooseneck Ball
5. 1 ea. Trim cover Gooseneck Ball

Is there a kit that includes the parts that I need for both applications?

Thanks in advance.

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Or you could get the B&W turnover ball hitch which gives you the gooseneck hitch and then the companion fifth wheel hitch which connects to the turnover ball hitch.

That's what I have.

Keep the pin in the turnover ball hitch lubricated.

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