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My first truck finally arrived after 6 1/2 after ordering. I fretted over getting the Tow Group option after ordering since I would be losing remote fold mirror and towing infrequently. I tried to get it changed a week after the order but the dealer said it was too late to make changes.

I was so happy to see it in person and how impressive the tow mirrors were. They really are proportional to the overall size of the 1500.

The only issue I could see is the Ram 1500 badge was on and in my package it was listed as a "delete" item. I went ahead and asked that they de-badge before I finish the deal which they did. I definitely like it better without.

As expected, it is a great drive and I am 100% pleased with my first truck. Now I can focus on getting the travel trailer that prompted the need for a truck.

The pic is with the truck in exit/entry mode so it makes it look lower than when in drive mode.


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