7/31 or 8/1 delivery?

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It looks like my white Sport will arrive at the dealer late this week, and they need a few days to install the aftermarket goodies. I have to be in Tampa until 7/30, so I can pick the truck up from Dennis Dillon in Idaho on 7/31 or 8/1.

Ram may offer better rebates in August or the $1,500 I'm eligible for in July could go away; any idea when Ram might publish the August incentives?
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They usually post the morning they start, think July runs until August 4 so probably see them August 5. I don't think much would change since they seem to update on the first Tuesdays of the month so the day after Labor Day. And I would assume the July 4th $500 will become the Labor Day bonus cash. But then knowing my luck my truck will get here July 28 or 29 and then Labor Day cash will be $1000 or more.
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