7 MPG city 8 highway!!

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I get 7.0 mpg city, 8.0-8.3 highway!! No matter how i drive( heavy foot on gas pedal or light foot) i am getting almost the same MPG!!!! Ive changed spark plugs! What other things should i check!?? EGR and Oxygen sensor could be the issue?? How can i know if the oxygen sensor needs changing if EGR needs changing?? Wouldnt o2 sensor work bad because EGR is bad?? Please help:( thanx
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sounds like you need to quit towing 20 ton loads :D
Are you calculating those numbers by hand or using the overhead computer?
No man im not towing anything! Im calculating numbers by both hand and overhead! Dnt know what are the things affecting mpg? Airfilter , sparkplugs changed what else could be the issue? I think its more than one factor!
Rusty muffler bearing, sticky clutch belt, idk...

On a serious note...

Check wheel bearings for stickiness, injector cleaner, sticky brake calipers, MAF
Dragging caliper?
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You definitely have a problem.

I got better mpg than that in a 79 Ramcharger on 40" swampers with 4.56 gears and a 500+ HP carb'd engine (see avatar pic).

Let us know what ya find out.
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