94 Ram 1500 ECM/PCM question??

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I have a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 318. My question is about the ECM vs the PCM and where the location of these two are located on the truck?

I've seen diagrams and I think that the PCM (located on passenger side of the truck under the hood next to my AC lines, if I'm correct) has gotten wet due to the condesation from my AC lines. Since then the truck has been randomly stalling on me and sometimes the RPM's will just drop and act like it wants to stall, but then they shoot right back up and let me continue driving. It's happened quite often in the past few days, but I noticed since I've left the AC turned off, I haven't really had a problem.

Can someone please tell me what the locations of the ECM and PCM are and what I might be able to do about this problem?

No check engine light, oil pressure is fine, and it's not overheating. Please help!!!
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