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I have a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 4wd that I am having a horrid time with. My truck has been down for over a month and am still stumped. I've replaced the PCM, ASD relay, and the crankshaft position sensor.

I'm not a mechanic by trade however I do my own work. I have checked OBD codes at first it pulled 7 after I replaced the PCM it narrowed down to 3 codes: 12, 41, 55. 12 being battery diconnected from PCM within last 50 key-on cycles. 55 Code completion. 41 Problem with the charging system. Occurs when voltage from the ASD relay is below 11.75 volts.

I then replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor due to code 41 (PITA). I don't know if maybe I mixed up a few plugs, but I started her up and she sputtered, ran for a bit, then died. I then pulled codes came up with 5 codes: 12, 45, 37, 41, 55. 45 Transmission OD solenoid malfunction. 37 wasn't in my book, but found it online: Part throttle unlock circuit. For the see above.

My next step is to recheck my plugs. Am I missing anything? Because I am at a loss. :4-dontknow:
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