95 Dodge ram issue(s)

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So I purchased a 95 Dodge ram 4x4 5.2 Auto with 171,xxx. Got it for a very good price considering it had issues. Now I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose this.

The truck has a significant power loss. Shift points seem just fine but does not down shift even at wide open throttle. The idle drops more than it should when shifted into gear sometimes even stalls (but rarely) Has a occasional shake from 15-40 mph when accelerating, bad shake from 45+ regardless of throttle. (haven't taken it over 55) To top it all of it isn't showing a check engine light.

I have not found any vacuum leaks of any kind. But I did find the previous owner's mechanical skills very questionable. He replaced plugs wires and rotor. If it sounds like something he could have screwed up doing these, chances are he most likely did. Any help would be appreciated and let me know if I can give out any more info to help.
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This is a textbook case of a disconnected or nonfunctioning TPS, it will screw with power and shifting, and generally create a good case of the shakes, normally you would only be able to generate about 45 MPH, so you're doing OK!!! Normally your idle will be low, and the truck will generally die if you select reverse. It's on the drivers side of the air inlet on the intake, one plug with 3 wires, if I remember right. the lock clips have a habit of snapping off, and they look like they're connected, but they are not. Hope this helps!!!
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