'97 with a 3-4" front drop...cutting the frame?

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I'm midway into doing a lowering on my '97 1500 swb 4x2.

I am trying to drop the front at least 3"... maybe 4. I have cut 1 1/2 coils off the front springs... but I don't have it off my lift as of yet.... so I'm not sure how low it is right now. It seems that the stock frame where the OEM snubbers go may hit... are you guys cutting off that chunk of frame where the snubbers attach?

It's no big deal to do really. I can always fab up another way to get a rubber snubber there... I'm just wondering what you guys do.

I have a DJM rear flip kit on the truck... looks like it dropped it almost 8"... I pulled the box off before I did the rear kit so I really don't know the exact drop at the rear, either. I will when I reinstall the box after the truck is repainted.
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Well I've been doing a little road testing on the Ram this week. Still waiting on the front shocks from DJM... should be here today.

The ride isn't too bad... but the poorly installed dual exhaust is banging against the rear axle... that will be replaced soon. I could cut another 1/2 coil of the front but not without changing the front tires to a 60 series to gain more clearance.

Next stop is the body shop then to the alignment shop...


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