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I have a 99 2500 v10 203k miles, with some peculiar issues.

Mods: no cats, kn cold air, dual exhaust W/ flow master 44's, exhaust is stock until the mufflers than goes to 3 in. Shorty headers on the way.

Noise issue: I have been noticing on the highway when accelerating above 2k rpm I hear a clicking sound that sounds like my valves, but my valves will not make any noise while the truck is parked, it also wont make the noise if I manually actuate the throttle to 2k ish rpm. It only makes it while under load. Any ideas?

Power issue: After removing my cats I have noticed a significant drop in power, this truck has hardly any get up and go now, I have replaced the O2 sensors and the Throttle position sensor to no avail.
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