A 2012 Ram Express is in my driveway..FINALLY!

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Proud owner of a brand spankin' new Ram worth the wait :smile up:

What shall my first mod be? I already debagged her last night.
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Nice Ram! My next one will be mineral gray!
Nice truck! I have a 2012 reg cab express also!
Congrats!!! nice truck and color!!!!
very cool :D Congratulations
Congrats mine is just like yours except for the polished wheels and back window, i just got moved back from Washington state to south Texas a 2500 mile trip with a packed 6x12 u haul trailer its broke in nicely and has Royal Purple 5/20 oil and runs real strong now but also im closer to sea level too, Hope it brings a joy and thrill to you
Nice truck, I have the same color on my 2011 Express. There are alot of mods for those trucks, I converted mine to an R/T.

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Very nice looking truck, congrats! :smileup:

- Cajun
clean RAM

WOW, nice looking truck, it is such a treat to wash a truck like that. I try to keep my Ram as clean as I can. I live in tucson, out in the country, I have 2 miles of dirt road, and it is tough to keep it clean, but i manage, again nice truck:SHOCKED:

WOW, Nice looking ride, enjoy the newness of ownership,especially that baby!:SHOCKED:
I can't wait for mine to arrive. It is 2012 Reg Cab Express (Mineral Gray) as well. I should have added the chorme wheels but already threw in the factory spray in liner and ram box so I called it quits on the options. 1 more week to wait I think....
Thanks everyone! I love the color as well :wavey:

Yeap I am super stoked right now. All I think of is driving her.

Cheatham - I hear ya...I too am a fan of Royal Purple. I will be changing the oil to that at 2600 miles. Welcome back to Texas!

Tony - I like your R/T clone! Those headlights are pretty cool looking'
Are you going to lower it by chance? Are you going all out? I mean changing the gears to 4.10's and getting a different tq converter?
Thank you! My ram does have a lowering kit, it is the ground force 2" rear drop. I really makes a difference and it only took an hour to install. The headlights are spyder ccfl with 15000k hids. Eventually I will put the 4.10 gears and an aftermarket torque converter but for now im happy with the 3.92s. Check out my mod page
All the pics of these trucks are spectacular...
love the min/gray... had a reg/cab in min/gray an miss it.
BUT, i do love my black quad cab though. The wife and our black lab have lots of room now.
I converted mine to an R/T.

very nice truck! I have the same truck (color and all) except y is a 4x4.

Tony D,

what exactly did you change to make it an R/T? Did you re-gear? where did you get the hood? Cost of hood with paint? Your truck looks bad a$$!
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