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2011 Ram 1500 Laramie with automatic climate control

1- Start the truck (with key or auto start) air will not blow (regardless of the fan speed position) for about 1 minute. Meanwhile you can hear the recirc door opening and closing on its own without any input from the blower position switch.
2- air starts to blow for about 2 minutes, blower speed control works fine.
3- blower control stops working for about 5 minutes and the fan will not blow
4- blower control starts working like normal and will work for the rest of the drive till the truck is shut off and the cycle stars over again.

I swapped the resistor
swapped relays
checked fuses
swapped the blower control head
checked the blower motor
checked the connection in the TIPM board
checked the wires coming into the ignition switch
manually re-calibrated the blower control

When the blower control is working, the fan has 1 hot wire, 1 ground and 2 with varying voltages based on the switch position, when the blower control switch stops working the 2 wires have no variance in relation to the speed control switch.

I live in Arizona and need to haul my son around so getting the A/C working reliably is crucial. Any input would be appreciated, thanks
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