a different look at REAR LIFT BLOCKS!

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For my first real post on the forum I wanted to share my experience with lifting my truck and how I went about things. I felt like this might help some of the more price conscious shoppers out there who may feel like i do about the whole situation.

The aftermarket is flooded. everybody wants a piece of your $. therefore u see 900 different ways to make the same product and everybody thinks theirs is better. well first off im not here to down any of them, and Im not here to tell you the way I did mine is better. Im just going to share. I installed a set of 5100 struts on the front of my 07 ram and love the ride and look. it was $200 well spent and i got a nice little boost out of it. but IMO the front sat up just a little more than i wanted on flat ground. so I sat off to purchase a pair of 1" blocks for the rear. I figured 2" in the front and 1" in the back would be just right with a slight forward rake. I knew 1.5" would be to much. well the last time i had anything to do with blocks was in high school lowering mazda and nissan lowriders, and last time i bought a set of blocks they were cheap.
I go scouring the internet to find these companies charging an arm and a whole leg for a set of blocks and shakles. $109-149 for blocks!!??!! really?!

all i could think was these people are smoking crack. all it has to do is ride there between the spring pack and the axle. my truck wont be rock crawling or busting thru the desert. it just needs to ride down the pavement and look good. Im sorry.. Im just not gonna pay that i dont care if they are made out of kryptonite. so i took a chance and bought a set of old school blocks that i remember from way back when.
found them on the shelf at my local auto parts for $32 and decided what the heck. lets take the truck apart and see if this works.
this is the kit:

part numbers 13-1000

let me just say first off.
1. the u bolts ARE NOT AS WIDE AS WHATS ON YOUR TRUCK. the factory axle is 3.5" these came in at around 3.25" but they will stretch to fit. which leads to number 2.
2. the u bolts ARE NOT AS STRONG AS THE FACTORY ONES. do i think it matters? no. once you feed them thru and tap them around the axle tight and torque them down to 90# each the whole unit becomes quite strong. I did hacksaw the top extra length off of them to clean up the install.
3. the aluminum blocks themselves fit perfect and have no issues. just drop into place.

a shot of the installed product.

total time. 2.5 hours start to finish.
total cost $32 bucks.
finish product?

I have driven them around for two days now. hammered on the throttle pretty hard and such and rechecked my torque on the bolts.. everything is perfect.
ride is the same, although when i get some extra cash i will splurge for a pair of 1" longer shocks in the rear but for now its fine.

you dont have to spent $150 for a pair of blocks. but you can if u feel its necessary. I dont think so.

anyone with comments or questions feel free to post up.
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Great info here. Thanks again!
if you really want to save just cut a piece of 2x4 to fit in there, it will start off as 1.5" thick but should shrink down to 1" as you tighten LOL just kidding fella, looks great and is alot better price, like you said 150 bucks is alot for something so simple, great job!!
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