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Joined years ago, then life happened. I hate that my first post is a "need help" post. But, it is what it is.

Just spent the last week replacing the heater core/evaporator/blend doors. Was only supposed to be a day or two, but comparing quality/pricing, I went Amazon instead of going to the local parts stores in the end.

Got the dash back in, started reconnecting everything... Then the stray connectors show up.

Two I am pretty sure are redundant for my truck, one is questionable, and the fourth is a curiosity.

Green connector is by firewall behind parking brake.

Black connector is under steering column (it's taped to another one, so I'm assuming this is for an option that this truck doesn't have).

White/yellow is coming out of dash in front of accelerator. This is the questionable one, as I did use it to support the video input wire for my rear camera.

Connector on passenger side is just sitting there, with nothing from the truck to connect to. Didn't have anything when I took it apart, either.

Not my first dash removal, but the longest in between removal/installation. I forgot how easy it is to overlook unused connectors while disconnecting the others!

I have a couple days before the truck will be back on the road, but I'd like to get the interior completed before I have to work under the truck.
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