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So I'm passing on my good luck to my fellow members.

I was headed to Baltimore from NY today when I ran into some difficulty and was looking for a Dodge dealer. I ended up at Lucas Dodge in Lumberton, NJ. All went well thanks to Mike in their service dept. but that's another story.

While I was waiting for my truck I noticed a set of Mopar side steps for sale. The price was $150 and these are the ones that normally go for $450 or more. They were marked as damaged but I couldn't see any. I enquired what the damage was and Mike pointed out a very minor dent on the bottom. He said they received three sets which UPS had damaged and they can't sell them as new. I have an aftermarket set, which came with the truck, but they are not holding up so I jumped on these. Once they are installed you won't notice the damage at all.

So here is what I'm passing on...they have two more sets of these in stock. The remaining sets have the same minor marks on the lower part of the bar. If you are looking for a set of side steps and can deal with a slight imperfection they might be for you. They come with all the mounting hardware. The price was so good I seriously considered buying all three sets and reselling two of them. Instead I'm passing on the info. You can google Lucas Dodge to get the contact info. I don't know if they will ship them (I didn't ask) so you may need to pick them up. If you have any questions please ask; I haven't taken pics yet and I think they will be gone by the time I get a chance to mount them and take pics.
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