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This is an entirely different popping noise than those I found when doing a search. 2012 Ram Hemi QuadCab. 40,000 miles.The sound appears to be coming from the driver side dash. Windows are rolled up.

1. Occurs only when outside temperature is above 70 degrees.
2. Water temperature 199-203 degrees
3. Radio off.
4. Air-conditioning either off or on.
5. Noticeable on very smooth roads. Rough road surfaces do not aggravate it. As a matter of fact, if I am driving on a rough surface I cannot hear it.
6. Occurs when driving in a straight line. No turning involved.
7. Most often occurs at speeds over 40 mph. Popping increases with speed.
8. Occurs both under power and when coasting, but cannot hear it under rapid acceleration.
9. Truck must be moving for sound to occur. Not affected by engine rpm.

When my wife is riding in the passenger seat, she cannot hear the popping. It is quite soft. This is going to be a hard one for a tech to find. Sure would appreciate some suggestions before I head to my dealer's service department.
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