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I actually got a detailed 2019 RAM brochure detailing all the trim lines and options but I have a few questions.

1) On the Laramie trim level are the front and passanger mirrors power and do they fold in by hitting a switch?

2) With the park assist included in the level 1 equipment group, are the side sensors on the front bumper included or are they part of the advanced safety package?

3) I think I am going to order the eTourque (actually now you have too). Is there a button to disable auto stop.

4) It have been years since I owned a vehicle with Chrome bumpers. Should I have concerns about them rusting, or will they stay in good shape if I keep them waxed.

5) Is the Tonneau cover offered as an option a good quality cover or is it better to offer an aftermarket.

Finally, with my Honda, there were a couple of dealers that sold HondaCare extended warranties at $100 above cost. The dealt on volume and it ended up being over $1,000 less that the dealer. Are there RAM dealers that do the same thing? The last Mopar product I owned was a 1972 Dodge Dart.

Thank you.

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1) Laramies all have power mirrors. If they are tow mirrors I don't think they are power fold, but otherwise they will.

3) Yes

4) Your info isn't complete so IDK where you live, but in areas where they salted a handful of times a year, and on the coast mine haven't rusted at all.

I'd love to see pics of the Dart-was it a Swinger or a Demon? That as the last year before they ruined the car with that horrid beak front end
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