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1997 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Laramie, 5.9L V-8, 4WD

One day the ABS light and Brake light come on while I'm driving; I can still brake. The front and rear brakes were entirely rebuilt in May 2010. The brake fluid is still topped off. I do some research, and figure the ABS sensor went bad. So I replace the ABS sensor on the rear differential - does not solve the issue. I can feel/hear the ABS engaging even with minimal braking (sounds like a "tick-tick-tick-tick"). Oh yeah, it usually takes a few minutes/miles of driving before the ABS/Brake lights come on.

So I take it into the military auto craft center because they'll do code read/resets for only $7.50 instead of the $69.95 that everyone else charges. The error code doesn't register, even with the truck running and the ABS/Brake lights on. So the guy looks through the OBDII readout and figures out that when he presses on the brake pedal, it doesn't register on the OBDII reader. The brakes lights come on just fine, but it isn't registering on the reader.

Does anyone have an idea as to the issue at this point?
You cannot diagnose these ABS systems with a ODB tool because the ABS brake system is not controlled by the ECM. The ABS system has it's own dedicated computer usually located next to the modulator or under the dash somewhere. These computers have they'er own proprietary diagnostics connector. It would be cheap to actually replace this part then to try to have it diagnosed believe it or not.

I would look into maybe replacing it, or you just have a short somewhere. My light comes on every so often but I don't worry about it.
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