ABS questions, 2004 Dodge Ram

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Alright i own a 2004 Dodge Ram 4X4 with the Appearance package, 20s and the hemi. it is the Loaded SLT with everything but leather.
The last time i drove it in snow (i rarely use the truck at all) i wanted to test the ABS etc just kinda to know what i was dealing with. The ABS didnt really do anything, and kicked in quite weak. I have no warning lights, and everything is checking out correctly, but well my wife does drive it on occasion and i would rather not have an issue with her driving it. Is it normal for the ABS to not really do anything? Is there a certain speed that it is supposed to kick in at? I was going 45 when i did it the first time and the pedal pulsed slowly 2 times then nothing. And are they even equipped with 4wheel abs or is it only rear?
I am normally a ford and Gm man, and know those systems but the Ram is proving to be quite a different beast.
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Did you try this on dry pavement or on gravel? I am a brake and suspesion tech and I try and do my initail test at around that speed in a straight line in a designated gravel lot. If you get the pedal to drop and hear the pump running than it is working, I have noticed that the trucks with 20's dont lock up as easily as the ones with let say the 17 inch package. They have the same brakes but the bigger Wheel/tire has more leverage, plus if you are comparing it to the chevy,it wont feel like it is as sensitive. This is assuming you dont have an ABS lite on because if thats the case the system has shut it self off and you dont have any ABS. Good Luck.
Thanks, and no the ABS light isnt on, i have 4wheel ABS, but it just doesnt do anything in the snow.. Gravel it is pretty much impossible to get it skid lol. The pedal pumps a tiny tiny bit, and the tires just slide with out any real affect. But im just wondering and didnt know how sensative and or powerful they really are.
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