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Hi guys-
I have a 2006 dodge ram 1500, 4.7L V8 4 door truck.
I took my truck to get inspected and the key would not turn in the lock cylinder. I call the lock smith and they confirmed that I needed a new ignition lock.
So, I went online to view vids on what to do.
I drilled out the lock so I could rotate it and remove it. I accidentally started the truck a couple of times while rotating the cylinder. I forgot to keep the key fob right next to the security device above the lock where the key goes and I tripped the security measures. Red light on the instrument panel and now the truck won't stat, and the key fob no longer locks and unlocks the doors.
Does anyone know what I need to do to reset this security device/light?

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Ok - Nobody posted on this and I have since found a solution.
Two things first. If your key fob is toast, this won't work. If you WCM (Wireless Control Module) is hosed, this won't work.
However, if both of those units are good, then this should work.
1- Disconnect your battery overnight-
2- Disconnect fuse #11 under the hood It has a little plastic sleeve/halo/whatever you want to call it. It allows you to disconnect the fuse without pulling it all the way out. Make sure it is disconnected for at least 5 minutes.
3- Reconnect the battery
4- Reseat the fuse
5- Lock and then unlock the driver's side door MANUALLY with your key fob. (Insert key into the lock)
6- Within fifteen seconds, open the door, connect the driver's side seatbelt.
7- Get in, close the door and insert your key into the ignition lock. Rotate it to the ON position, NOT START.
8- Leave it in the ON position for 10 minutes.
9- If necessary, connect a battery charger so as not to drain the battery.
10- Disconnect the charger and start the truck.

This should work, if not then it's possible that either the key fob is toast or the WCM is toast.
The WCM is located directly above the ignition key lock and under the plastic housing.
You cannot replace the key without getting it programmed, I do noyt knoe hoe to do that, but I understand it's doable. It is my understanding that you CANNOT replace the WCM without getting it programmed to your vehicle. And if you need to do that, I think you have to get new key fobs as well.
That's everything I know.
I hope it helps someone.
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