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thinking of adding the center console to my express, what do a need besides the actual console itself? Is the shifter electric or does it still use a cable? How hard is it to take the column shift off?
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Console add on

I added a console to my 2010 QC. I found a console for $100 online salvage yard. All you do is take the passenger seat/jump seat out together (separating them outside the truck). I just started taking seat bolts (attached to the floor) and it was easy. Make sure to regrease bolts with "through holes" through the floor.

I really don't think there is any difference between "bucket seats" and the seats that come with the 40/20/40 bench. My console fits perfect.

What you will need to find besides the console are :

  1. front and rear mounting brackets - $40 new online parts, or get them from U pull it
  2. New "Center Bezel". The "console" center bezel (trim around radio with air vents) is different from the "bench" center bezel. It is super easy to remove the old one and replace (see on this and other forums). If you buy new, it's like $240 shipped (I did) or again, salvage yard.
  3. My truck did not have the 115v outlet - I had a small storage bin (lower right). The "console" center bezels only come with the outlet (or at least all I could find). So if you add the console you will need to buy the inverter and bezel as well (items new were $25 shipped). I haven't received mine yet, but I suspect I will need an additional electronic component to make it functional. I'm going to talk with the dealer to see if I can get some info. If I get clarification I will post.
Sorry, I don't have any pictures, but it really isn't hard. The brackets simply mount into existing holes, so it's just a matter of turning wrenches. trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.

Hope this helped.
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