Adding Steering Wheel Stereo Controls to a 2005 Ram 2500 slt, 5.9L

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I have a 2005 SLT ram 2500 5.9L that did not come with stereo controls. I have since bought some and installed them only to find out nothing works. After doing some trouble shooting, I found that the gray white wires and purple orange wires that go to the steering wheel stereo controls, go down to a plug on the clock spring under the stearing column (plug closest to the drivers door). After doing some continuity tests, I found that the white plug going into the clock spring under the column was missing the two wires that connect the steering wheel controls to somewhere under the dash.
Has anyone had to run these 2 wires?
If so how did you do it?
Spent money on all the parts and now I am stumped by 2 wires.