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Hey all,

I'm looking to order a Laramie this week. Was wondering about the Advanced Safety Group.

Do the technologies and features in the several systems that comprise the Safety Group work as advertised?
Does the system ever "fight" you - in other words, if you are trying to make what you consider a safe lane change, does the system ever determine it to be unsafe and fight you for that?
Same thing for the intelligent cruise control - does it ever stop/slow you when you think it didn't need to, or NOT stop/slow you when you think it should have?

The surround cameras ever miss anything (such as a kid, pet, or toy or lawn tool left close to the truck)?

What about overall reliability? Do these systems last? Or will the first few off-road bumps knock em outta whack, or the first freeze disable them?

I'm interested in first-hand stories along the lines of "works fine over a year now" to "bunch of junk" to whatever you think would be wise counsel to a newbie both for and against this Safety Group.

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