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Ok, so my '09 is sitting at a bit over 34,000 miles. I didn't have a chance to get in for the 30k work and now I am coming up on the 36k service. My question is this, those two services have a lot of work in them and as a result a lot of cost. I wouldn't mind breaking it up a bit so the question is what really needs to be done and what could be out off a bit.

A bit of info:

1- Oil is fine, I run Amsoil and it isn't time for a change.
2- Brakes are great; they were just redone under warranty (an issue I need to write up)
3- the truck is running great. The only thing I noticed was the last time I towed. It downshifted with no issue as needed for climbing but it seemed hesitant to up shift once the uphill ended. It hadn't done that before.

So any suggestions for my dealer visit?

Thanks so much
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