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Hey guys I'm new here to the forum. I'd like to ask for some advice on a truck purchase.

I've found a very low mileage (30k) 1998 ram 1500 extended cab with slt Laramie package. It's a 2wd truck with an automatic transmission and the 5.2l v8. Asking price is about 8000. I've read a fair bit about these trucks and it seems the auto trannys are a weakpoint among maybe a few other quirks.

Would you guys recommend investing into a vehicle like this from your experience? I'm very mechanically inclined and enjoy working on cars so I'm not afraid to give something extra tlc if it helps with reliability but I don't want to dump money into something that's going to constantly break down. I can do transmission fluid changes and the like i just want to know what I should expect to set money aside for. Any help would be appreciated.
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