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so after googling a few minutes, I come across AEM drop-in replacement filters. these are dry and require no oiling. any one here try one? I'm at 45k km's now and the og filter is done. the AEM is washable with a special cleaner. a dishwasher safe reusable should be a no brainer with todays technology, but theres no profit in that. if this has bad reveiws my first choice would be napa gold or purolator.
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I don't know about the specific filter to which you refer, but I have had a couple of different AEM CAI's and they make an excellent product (better than K & N in my opinion), so I don't know how you can go wrong.

Here is a link for an AEM filter that I found.

I would compare the price to other drops ins, and go with what you feel gives you the best bang for the buck

good luck

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