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Hi guys. I'm not sure if you recall, but I have a 98 Ram 5.2L Quad Cab and since I got it (went from a Honda Element to the Ram), I've been trying to eek out better fuel mileage. I took a 22hr road trip about a month ago and on that trip, averaged several speeds per tank, varying of ~5mph, to see what my mpg would be.

On average, I was getting around 15mpg. The high was 18mpg and that was drafting a semi for most of the tank.

I've been doing some research and found a few options for reducing aerodynamic drag and/or increasing fuel economy. I'll be doing a few when I get some free time over the coming weekends, but in general the mods I'll be doing are expected to create an increase in fuel mileage. But if I can net a 26% increase in fuel economy (including replacing the O2 sensor, intake, exhaust, and aero), that should save me ~$500 per year. Given that I plan on keeping this truck for many years, investing in econo-mods are a worthwhile investment (so far).

How in-depth are you willing to go to get better fuel economy?

Has anyone created a belly pan/undertray for the 2nd Gen Ram (or any Ram) and tested fuel economy?

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btw, a 26% increase would give me a 19mpg rating, over the 15mpg I currently get.

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During my testing, the O2 sensor failed and my mileage went from a city/highway average of 13mpg to about 8mpg. Was able to get an 18.8mpg run on 1.003 gallons of 87 before failure.

Replaced plugs, wires, cleaned plenum and throttle body, used MMO, Restore, and SeaFoam and am back up to 12mpg for combined c/h. Still need to replace the O2 sensor and run it again.

Wife is in Gyrotonic school now, which is costing me $2500 by Nov, so the money that I would spend on the truck is going into that. I've got some materials to make an aerodynamic bed wall and will be ordering some more soon for the top and the undercarriage.

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some things I would add arent body mods, and im not sure if you have these are not but...
Cold air intake,
Free flowing exhaust,
That right there can net you probably +3-4 mpgs
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