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Hey everybody! This is my first post, but I've been a member of a motorcycle forum for years. So I guess this makes me a "Quasi-newbie." I've read the other posts about installing rear-view cameras. As a matter of fact, I installed one on my wife's Acadia a few years back. Here's my situation . . . I purchased a back-up camera kit with the reverse gear wire leading from the monitor (integrated into a clip-on mirror), not the rear camera. I figured I'd make the connection to one of the fuses under the hood instead of trying to run the reverse gear wire all the way to the rear of the truck. While looking at the fuse box diagram, I noticed there was a "rear view" camera port located in the fuse box. My truck is a basic 2013 Ram 1500 without rear view capability. Can I connect the reverse gear wire to the camera fuse and get the same results? And what is the best way to run the wire from the interior cab, past the firewall, to the fuse box?
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