Aftermarket headlights for 2012 Ram...Pros/Cons?

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I was on ebay yesterday checking out some different headlights that could replace my current stock headlights and have a couple questions for you guys. I was thinking about something like this....

When I had my 03 ram, I heard about these headlights having low grade plastic and over time would wear down. If anyone has any recommendations regarding similar headlights to what is pictured above please let me know. Thanks
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I have no personal experience with ebay lights but I hear of a lot of issues with fitment and sealing. Iv'e read a lot of posts from people who have bought them and they complain about uneven gaps between the lights and fender, and fogging up due to poor sealing. Another thing that I would have concern with is the UV protectant on them, if any. If you have ever had headlight lenses that haze over, its a PIA to clean them and keep them clear.
When I say ebay lights I am refering to cheap knock-offs, no particular brand in general. I would spend a little more and stick with the known quality brands. It will cost more but will save you in the long run.

Have you considered painting the housing yourself? I did mine once and they turned out really well. Just take your time and you will save a lot of money and headache. I used matte black bumper paint (got it from oreilly) and was happy with the results. I plan to do the lights on my truck when I have time.
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