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Hey guys. Im constantly looking to upgrade my truck and Im getting tired of the same factory nav unit. I was doing some research and it looks like I would lose use of the some of the components of the factory alpine system most notably the subwoofer under the back seat. Are they alpine aftermarket systems that work?
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Hi, most amps work with nearly all aftermarket dash units. You'll usually find people putting decent subs with wal-mart grade amps, usually because of the price of the name brand amps to match the subwoofers, dash, etc.

I have a KVT-516 kenwood single din running on an alpine amp, but not the factory, my truck didn't come with it. When you convert to an aftermarket dash you will need the PAC c2r-chy4 (60$ on amazon) when you do it and it has a wire allotted for such things like the amplifier.

Worst case scenario, you may need a conversion cable, but I haven't personally seen the stock amp, but usually they're a universal install.

Hope this helps!

If your willing to see your stock dash pm me! I may be interested in it
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