aftermarket radio/camera flickering.. YELP!

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i have 2014 ram 1500 express. and in a pioneer avh x2600bt radio on it and used the metra wiring harness.. the problem is when i put it in reverse camera mode... the screen is flickering...and its not even showing the full screen... i wired the power for the camera straight to the white wire of the reverse bulb and the ground to a known good ground... but yeah any ideas how to fix it? i also attached a video so you guys can see whats going on
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got it to work..

couldnt wait for any reply so i just started tinkering with it. got it to work. changed the power wire to the middle pluggin dilly whopper (white/orange)of the 7 pin trailer wire and just tapped to it. turns out its the canbus causing it to flicker... there ya go...
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