Air Filter change....

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How often do you all change your Air Filter? How often does Dodge recommend it being changed? I know someone on here can give me an answer quicker than what I could look it up..

The dealer had my truck today to do an oil change and the service guy calls me to tell me I need a new Air Filter. Of course @ $38.00 I can easily do it myself. Just curious as to how often you all change yours. My truck only has 6500 miles on it and find it hard to believe that it's time for a change already. I'm guessing it's just a way for them to try to sucker some $$$ out of me. Anyway as soon as I get a chance I'm going to check it out and see if it even remotely looks like it needs changed.

Debating on just putting another paper filter in, buy a K&N or put a CAI on it when its time...decisions....
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I drive around roads that have so many flying creatures & hay flying off of trucks, that i changed the very dirty air filter at 30,000 miles, even the box that it sits in was full of crap
I went with the K&N air filter
Then i fabricated a screen that fits between the grille & radiator to keep the debris out of the radiator fins

I held the filter up to the sun & tried to see daylight through it, i had to trash it
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