Air Lift

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Well Tue evening we are going to install the air lift 1000 air bags and the Wirelessone compressor system on my 2010 Ram Big Horn. Going to do it at my buddies shop, he has a lift, I think that will make it easier then over my pit.
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Good luck! I am intrested in hearing the results.
You shouldn't have any problems with the install, the garage lift will surely speed things up. I installed this about 3-4 months ago. Just jack up the frame and let the suspension droop, and stuff the air bags in the springs. Then route the air lines to your preferred spot.

I spent the majority of my time deciding and routing the air lines. This was the best improvement I have made so far. If you've ever hauled or towed anything that made you disappointed by the ride height when loaded, you can't go wrong for the price of these bags..
That sounds simple enough.
Let see some pics Dig. Did you take any?
What he said....
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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