air system issues

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My 2014 Rams air system randomly comes on. The truck almost always leans lower on the back right side. It appears to be a leak in system. I brought it in to the dealer and they flashed the computer. Still does the same thing. Anyone with any suggestions?
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The truck will adjust itself every so often even if the keys aren't in it. For example, if my kid is climbing on the back of the truck or if the outside temperature changes enough. However, when it does this it adjusts evenly. If it seems to be leaning to one side I'd have to either guess that some sensor isn't calibrated properly or there is a leak (which would be likely if the truck self-adjusts more than every so often for no apparent reason).

My advice would be to try a different dealer if the one you visited before is reluctant to do more than re-flash the computer (to no effect).
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