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Hi all,

Owned my Ram for a year now, took it in to be inspected, to find out the airbag light is not turning on. Didn't even know there was an airbag light as it had never turned on since I bought the truck.

I had a tech do a diag on the airbag system, and it came back with an "open circuit".

He knew little about airbags, and referred me to a local electrical shop. Of coarse they want 200 bux just to look at it and the price goes up from there depending on what it is.

That is what I know.

The passenger airbag switch works fine, both on and off. Light on that side works as it should.

When I put the key in the ignition and turn it over to the acc position, all lights in the cluster come on as they should (except the airbag light). I hear the chime in for the airbags and then a final chime that does not match anything on the cluster. I was hoping it's just a bulb that is out, but i checked and switched the bulb and no dice. I would like to hear other opinions on this. I'd hate to spend a boat load of dough chasing a problem that I can likely fix myself.

I checked connections under the center console, all good there. Passenger seat is connected snugly as it should be, fuses under the hood are both good, connections under the dash are all good.

Any ideas???

Thanks all!!! :smileup:
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