Airbag light -- Please Help!

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I just bought a 1998 Ram 1500 and the air bag light is on. The previous owner had recently changed the entire steering colum. Any ideas on what he may have messed up to cause the light to come on? Thanks.
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Dose the truck have cruse control? Or stereo control on steering wheel? Make sure they work properly. If they do then make sure plug is locked in under dash they have yellow lock tabs on them if none of the other steering control's work its a bad clock spring.
^^I agree^^

I'd say a bad clock spring. When he had the column out he probably spun it a couple times and damaged it. When the donor column is removed it should have been marked and the ignition locked to keep it from spinning...However, people that don't know that unlock the ignition and let it spin around a few times.

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x3 on the clock spring being the possible culprit. Had the same problem on an 03 Caravan that turned out to be the clockspring.
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