Airflow prodcut

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Folks , I met someone with a PW who had a snorkel model "Airflow" attachment to his front right fender. He states that he gets better mpg . I've been down the road before with CAI or moded air boxes, with little to no results. He states that it's different because The air is being forced in, getting better mpg. I know that PW's don't get great MPG and we all except that, but I've never seen this product before and was wondering if it's the new solution.

Any comments for you guys.
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There is the theory that facing the opening to the snorkel into the airflow gives you a ram-air effect at speed. Similar to the old ram-air hoods. Really never amounted to anything, at best whatever you pick up would not be noticeable except by computer diagnosis.
That said, if someone is now making a snorkel for the 4th gen PowerWagons I am intereted. Please get us more info OP.
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