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I know, there are a million topics on it, just thought I would share mine.
Have an 07 hemi 1500 with a S&B CAI and a Diablo sport tuner. Initially I didn't think it had MDS based off of something I found on here but later when I was getting the tune from Hemi fever I found out it did. I suspect it basically wasn't turning on at all cause once i got the tune I started noticing it and my MPG at cruising went from like 14 up to 17-18. But now that it is turning on and I can hear it with the intake, I have noticed that at highway speeds it won't stay active. I can watch my tach bounce and hear it activate for a couple seconds then will turn back off. At lower speeds I can hear it activate and stay on but unless I've got a tailwind or in a group of cars for improved airflow, it will kick on just to kick back off again a second later.
I've been kicking around the idea of throwing some headers on to try to increase the power made so that it has enough power to continue running on 4 cylinders at cruising speeds but am unsure.
Any thoughts or imput would be appreciated.
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