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I'm having a heck of a time with the search feature not helping me so......I figure I'll start a new thread that feeds directly to my intended setup. I'm not worried about the loss of gains on a true dual setup, I've got a 3rd gen 2500 2wd with a manual trans so I'm doing this more for flavor. I have a set of Patriot 80" side-pipes hung already but they're currently non-functional as I don't want to plumb them until I have my answers. I've not really dealt with computer monitored engines much so I'm at a disadvantage. Now after beating around all the bushes on the property I just want to ask if it IS possible to have the downstream O2's turned off and if so how do I go about it. I intend to take the truck to be Dyno tuned almost immediately after getting the pipes done seeing as I plan to do A Volant CAI at the same time.
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