Another V6 in the Mix

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Well , I posted this pic somewhere else, but I figured its time to spice things up the 3.7 V6 area. Lets get some discussions going on some of the untapped potential of the "underpowered" Rams out there. Here is my 2012 Ram 1500 ST a few minutes before driving it off the showroom floor...

Short term plans are CAI, exhaust, lowering and who knows what else. I sure hope something happens on the tuner side of things. I would like to hear of other's experiences and ideas.

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Looks good, but I have to ask why you didn't wait for the 2013 w/ the new v6 and 8 speed tranny?
Good question with a simple answer... $$$ lol. New V6 and new trans = more $$$ that I don't have. This truck fit the budget right now and my dealer made a killer offer on my Wrangler and there were amazing dealer incentives, so this is where I sit now.
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