Any ideas?

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I was handed down a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 3.9L from my dad and I have been fixing it up and making it look good, but I have run out of ideas to do on my truck. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

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If you could post some pictures of the truck we could all chime in with our own ideas..
Ideas -
1) Fix the dent in the front bumper
2) Get some aftermarket rims.

The body and paint look good in the pics. :smileup:
1)fix the ding in the bumper
2)wheels and tires
3)some sort of side graphics
4)side steps

Looks good, the paint in the pic looks nice, body in good shape. I agree with Brad - fix the dent in the bumper and swap out the rims (tack up the corner of that airdam while you are at it). I'm a low buck kinda guy so here's a few things I would do for little $$:

- if you can't afford new rims (check craigslist, in my area you can get used rims with junk tires for about $100, can get a local shop to swap tires for $15 a wheel. I have a manual Harbor Freight tire buster I picked up for $75, has paid for itself 400x over), spend some time with some sandpaper and a couple of $7 cans of Duplicolor wheel paint. Just a little change to the wheels can make a BIG difference in the look of the truck. Charcoal grey or black would look good against the red.

- personally, I can't stand the grey plastic around the bumper. I'd color match it to the body (or the wheels if you paint them), same with the grill and back bumper and while you are at it, hit the mirrors as well. That, or do some junk yard trolling and find a sport bumper and grill. If the mirrors aren't power, you can find some pretty cheap usually too and the wiring is already in the door for them. Just get the switch while you're at it. I picked up some for my 96 locally for $15 from picknpull. While you are there, check for a rear sliding window...

- when it's time for new tires, bump up to 265s. Gives it a little lift as well as fills up the wheelwells a bit, will fit fine on the stock rims.

- don't ignore the 'barter' section of craigslist, you can get some deals on stuff without having to use $. You'd be surprised what an old iPod or paintball gun can get you.

- the back window is BEGGING for a window sticker:)
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brush guard, aux lights, new rims, in channel rain guards, custom sound system.
Man oh man, see I never thought of doing any of those things but see what help can do for ya. thanks guys and Ill keep yall posted with results on what all i do.
cant stand you southern guys with 14 year trucks that still look great. in the rust belt that truck have more rust than paint. lol

if it were me, i would keep it all original. in six years or so, i would put antique plates on it.
What do you use the truck for or what do you WANT to use it for? That might help too...
i just use the truck for casual driving, i dont go muddin or anything cause its not 4wd
the chrome or black gas cap cover depending on which way you want your color scheme to go.
Good looking pickup.

How about a color matched Roll Pan.

Move that 6' whip to in front of the tool box and add one to the passenger side :D

I like the V8 idea too.
about how much of a dent would putting a v8 put in my pocket? And i am liking the gas cap idea, im gonna try to go for a red and black theme so yeah black gas cap would be nice..... all these ideas are awesome

I got one of those on mine and I like it.

And on the older dodge's I always liked these steps on them (had them on my 98 for a while).

Also those in-channel visors are nice. That's all cheap easy stuff you could do, that make just daily driving a wee bit better. All depends what you want to do though.
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