Any third gens with bilsteins and 35/12.5 on a 0 offset rim?

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Still finalizing the details on my rims and tires because every time I think Ive made my mind up, I find something else I like. Currently Im leaning toward 20" ballistics, 0 offset, with a 35/12.5. Anybody running a similar set up? Id like to see some pics pertaining to how far the tire sticks out passed the fender and if there have been any issues. Ive talked to Branden quite a bit about this setup and he said I should have plenty of clearance with the set up. Now Im just basically looking for similar pictures. Thanks!
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I have Fuel Boost's in a 20X9 +1 offset with 35/12.5-20 Toyo AT2's. Fit and look great. I have a Laramie with factory flares and I am flush in the front. I'll post pics in a day or two.

I know I'm a 4th gen. Still might give you some idea.
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