Any1 with lift and 37s ?

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In couple months I'm planning to lift my truck.

13 RAM 1500 SPORT 3.92 GEARS 4x4

What do you guys think of this setup.
6 inch zone lift
Blisteins at 2.1
22inch rims
37 toyos or nittos

Anyone with this setup

How does the truck handle
How's the Mileage

If I were to get -24 offset wheels and toyo 37 13.5 22 tires would It rub ?

Thanks for the help...
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I have a 6 inch rough country on 37s with 20 inch rims, before i put my body lift on as well, i had a slight rub on the front bumper, so i had to do minimal shaving. i have no issues any more. i also have my bilsteins at 0 because i like the look of the rake, but im sure you would be good. i also have the 3.92 gears. I want to raise them to 4.56, but they run very solid with the bigger tires. your mpg will take a big hit, but i didnt really buy a truck for mpg, so thats the way i look at it. by far best truck i have owned and is still running strong. you will enjoy it.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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