Anyone have problems with HIDs in fog lights?

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I just installed a set of HIDs in my fog lights and only one light comes on. The other one comes on for about 1 second and then goes off, then comes back on about 5 seconds later and then goes off for good. I have switched the bulbs and ballasts around the both work fine on the right side, but won’t work on the left side. I put the factory bulb back in and it works.
I just installed a set of the same lights on my buddies ford and it works just fine. I am going to try and put some bulb grease on tomorrow, but I am stumped on this. Do the fog lights have to have a relay or something light the lows and highs? Has anyone put hids in a 2012 yet?
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I have HiD's in my fogs and lows. I did put capacitors in the fogs even though they say they do nothing and mine work fine. I do have a relay on the low beams.
What brand do you have and where did you buy them.....? I'm having some issues with my recent install (posted over in the mods section)
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