anyone know which eletronic led flasher i need??

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just put some leds in my tail lights on my 2003 ram 1500 now looking to see which flasher i need from anyone have an idea on which one i need?
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Do you need a flasher module or just a load resistor? I just put led tails in my 08 and got a hyperflash until I added 6 ohm 50 watt load resistors. Check out the link in my signature about Led tails and it will take you to my thread

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yes. a load resistor is what you probably want due to the ease of figuring it out.
but they say that the flashers are better than the load resistors so try to find a flasher. it looks like if you want a flasher, you will have to find your relay for your blinkers, and look at the connectors. then you compare those connectors to the flashers at

the relays are inside of your power distribution center under the hood.

this is a diagram on how to identify the flasher relays.

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