Anyone with a starSCAN tool ? !..

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Is there anyone around MA area that has access to a starSCAN tool to enable front seat video while in drive for me in my REN mygig radio.. Any help would be GREAT !
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My understanding is even the StarScan won't enable video in motion. It only enables the 'show video' button, which is disabled in some states by law for ALL front seat video. If you have the 'show video' button in Park, then the StarScan won't help. You'd need a lockpick or allgig device to bypass this lock.

Just what I've heard though, so take it for what it's worth...

I just got my lockpick and fixing to install this weekend (was waiting for my front cam to arrive... now just to figure out where/how to mount the front cam)
Ohhhhh alright. I believe I do have that because when I am watching a video and put it in drive it goes away and sound stays. I was just hoping I could get around the $250 price for the lockpick just to enable video. Thx for the info tho
Keep your eyes open on Ebay. I got my lockpick (v4) for $185 w/free shipping. New in box. Working like a charm. Make sure you get the version4 for 2011+ I think (esp. for the RHB radios according to lockpick folks)
Will Lockpick V4 work with a 09 REN radio ?
I'm dropping in a front cam on mine if the wind and snow stop long enough.
That's pretty sweet, I found out you can even have side cameras that come on when your blinkers come on, I was looking around at the lockpicks and had a quick question to. This would enable the ipod soft button on the screen as well correct ?
Ipod soft button meaning ipod tab on the screen to appear. Do you know if there's a way I can just get that without the lockpick ?

And I tried that REN radio trick and it did not work I have an 09 Ram with REN and no successful results
I did hear of something like replacing the Uconnect module with a different Uconnect module to get the ipod usb in the glove box and I also heard it might be there already just hiding behind. The only usb I have goes to Uconnect for pics and music to install on the hard drive. I wish I could switch it to the ipod function
But can you sort through the ipod on the RHB screen? that is what I'm looking to do

That's annoying that it switches back that would really annoy me after awhile

Our dash sucks to take apart lol.. does the outdoorsman have the center console or the seat ?
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