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I wasnt to start a list of part manufactures from bumpers to what ever. I will start with a company that should be avoided.

Hard Notched Customs I ordered a bumper and there website stated it would be two weeks well its been over a month and no bumper.

The web site also states they only ship using Fed Ex, USPS and UPS but again they decided to try and save a few bucks using a company called Fastenol who after my promised delivery date came and went I contacted and was told "Oh I am sorry it was not put on a truck yet for some reason and I don't know why it is my fault putting on a truck right now."

Now the company will not return my calls or emails unless I use someone elses phone so they are avoiding me. Now I am worried there product will be like there customer service crap oh well what did I ewxpect for 1365.00

1. Hard notched Customs


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