ASP UnderDrive Pulley

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I took it upon myself to get in contact with a rep from ASP Pully's about making a custom pulley for the 4.7L. The answer was a "no go" since custom work can not be done on harmonic dampner. BUT, there is a possibility that the pulleys they have for the earlier 4.7L may be compatible. The rep said he could give me an answer but they'd first have to order one to try it out. I promised there would be more customers to come if they made the pulley compatible to our 4th gens. The pulley will take a couple of weeks to come in, and he will be out of his office all next week. So i am going to check in with him mid February.

How many other potential buyers am i dealing with here if it comes through?

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hmmm....I was supposed to make this thread wasn't I....? OOPS, bad memory here!

I'd buy.

Some more information:
The pulley is I believe somewhere around $285.00 and they also make alternator pulleys to match IIRC. That's really not a bad price especially since there's only one other option that we know of that fits the 2007 and older 4.7L (and not sure about the 2008 and newer 4.7L fitment); I believe it is like $400 or $500.

The ASP pulley is supposed to give gains of 8hp and 27lbft (I assume these are MAX gains, not PEAK gains, although it doesn't clarify on the site). That's a pretty good gain for a $285.00 pulley!

We have 2 buyers currently, this would be a great mod for the newer 4.7L where there isn't much support currently, who else would buy!?
Maybe if we get some names down they'll offer a group buy price.
Amen, Im in :smileup:

Interest? HELLS YEAH!!!:devil::bananalama:
Are there really only 3 people interested in 2008+ 4.7L performance?
Darkknight, any word, it's been a few weeks?
Damn... I think I'm gonna hop on one of these for my 2005 Ram. Thanks for bringing this to my attention boys...
Hey if you get it let us know how you like it please :)
Yeah for sure... I'm getting a diablo tuner I think, so it amy be a while. But i'd definitely let you know when I do.
Should get an answer by this week. Cross your fingers
I hope it fits, I'm ready to buy...
Ill be interested as well though i wont necessarily be buying right this min i just sorted out what air intake i can use in cali so im going after that along with a TB spacer and a tuner will be exhaust but that seems like a good third along with an electric fan mod.

thanks for keeping after this. :smileup:
I've been talking to Louie and I guess he got a response from ASP and there is a minor difference between the older and newer balancer, but the guy thinks it will still work fine. Won't know for sure until someone tries it though. I'm going to call him later this week and as long as there's no chance of any damage I'll buy the pulley and try it out.
I'm ordering it, will update whether or not it works within the upcoming weeks...
I wouldn't risk it, there were problems w/ the original ASP pulley's which caused engine failures if I remember correctly. They were eventually resolved but I wouldn't want to be the guinea pig here. Another thing to note is the newer 4.7 has a different crankshaft and harmonic damper than the older one's. There is certainly a reason dodge changed them instead of reusing the crank and damper from the old motor. If they didn't design the pulley specifically for the new 4.7 then I wouldn't put it on it.
Now you're worrying me...
Just trying to give you all the info, I wouldn't put it on my truck. The gains aren't worth the risk of a messed up motor.
I understand and appreciate it.

He said the hub on it is 0.005" smaller diameter than the oem part, but he thinks it will still seal against the front main seal. He said other than that it looks the same. Not sure why dodge would change it by 0.005", doesn't seem like it'd even be something noticeable.

I want to do it, but now you got me worried. What problems did they have and was it with the 4.7L?

Anyone have experience with ASP or their quality/reputation?
Well I have the revised pulley on my 3.7, it's the same pulley as the one for the first generation 4.7. I haven't had any issues with it, quality, it's a pulley similar to the stock one, just underdrive to put less strain on the motor driving accessories which allows more power to the wheels.

The concern I have is what can happen if a harmonic damper/balancer/pulley is not right for the motor I don't know how many parts the old 4.7 shares w/ the newer one, but looking at the parts site the cranks and pulleys are different parts at different prices. That's why I'm raising the red flag here.
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