Audio Guys... Need Some Advice!

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Alright im ready to upgrade my stock 7 speaker infinity system but im gunna take it step by step. First thing i wanna do is just a plain speaker swap! Now i know stock sizes are 6x9 in front and the rears will take a 6.5 speaker but can i do 6.5's in the front and rear or should i stick to 6x9s in front? Im going with Kicker speakers! Can someone suggest a model over another? Thanks guys!
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It's not to hard to do. I put in a pioneer avic Z-110bt in to mine about a year ago. It took me probably 2 hours to install. I would recommend do the radio upgrade first though, the sound difference is phenomenal. Then if you aren't happy with that or want even better quality I would go with JBL Audio for your speakers.
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