Audio Guys... Need Some Advice!

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Alright im ready to upgrade my stock 7 speaker infinity system but im gunna take it step by step. First thing i wanna do is just a plain speaker swap! Now i know stock sizes are 6x9 in front and the rears will take a 6.5 speaker but can i do 6.5's in the front and rear or should i stick to 6x9s in front? Im going with Kicker speakers! Can someone suggest a model over another? Thanks guys!
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I would suggest going with a radio first. It's been quite a few years since I've been in the audio industry but back when I was doing it, just a speaker replacement didn't help for better sound. Reason being is that the source is a big part of what determines the sound quality.

Also, factory systems are designed to work together and it's possible to "lose" sound with an aftermarket speaker and factory radio. This was very true in the late 90's and early 2000 vehicles. I have to imagine it's similar now a days.

But I could be wrong considering today's factory radios are far superb to 12 years ago. Just wanted to chine in with my .01 cent...

yes i know its .02 cents but my wife took my other penny so I only have .01 cent left... lol
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