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I have an '03 5.7 4x4 with an automatic transmission, shift on the steering column.

Problem I am having is that when I try to shift into P, sometimes it won't. The square doesn't show up, I have to back it out and in 2-3 times before it finally 'clicks' and shows in park.

Other issue is that it's very easy to go from D to 2... had a few cases where I was driving, looked down and was in the wrong one. I assumed I shifted into the wrong one, until this week. Twice I was driving, looked and was in D, then a minute later, noticed the driving changed as well as the sound, I look down and it's slipped itself into 2.

Is that a trans issues? or something inside the steering column?

Transmission Gear Shifter Shift Control Cable Part# 52107847AM?
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